Secret Origin


So, this is “my” new gaming blog. What will I be writing here that can’t be read in any number of other gaming blogs around the Internet? Probably not much, frankly. I’m not so arrogant as to think I have Big Important Insights about gaming. I’m not out to revolutionize narrative control structures or upend dominant paradigms or whatnot. My grand idea here is to just have a single place to write and think about my gaming. To write about things that aren’t working for me and try to suss out solutions, and to talk about things that *are* working in the hopes that they might be helpful to somebody else. I won’t be posting session summaries of what’s happened in my games but may take apart a particular scene or encounter to look at it under the microscope if it seems worthy of inspection.

I say “my” blog because I’ve invited a couple folks in my posse to post some of their thoughts here as well. Generally they’re smarter than I am and will probably be writing more interesting things.  So this may become more a community blog and I’m just the one who started the snowball rolling. That would be cool by me.

That all is about as close to a mission statement as I’m going to get. Let’s get this party started right, let’s get this party started quickly…


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