Hey, I’m back from a week’s vacation in sunny (VERY sunny. Please God make it stop sunny.) Las Vegas where I tried my hand at a different type of gaming. I’ll only say that I’ll be sticking with this sort.

Not much gaming-wise to report, so this is just a miscellaneous odds and ends post. Surprised and rather happy to see that Mouse Guard won the Origins Award. Going up against both 4e and Ken Hite’s Trail of Cthulhu is some seriously steep competition. I really need to get around to finishing reading MG and pull out a one-shot at some point soon. Also Pandemic won for best board game. I’ve been longing to play that but it’s been out of print almost more than it’s been available.

This coming weekend will see the first virtual session of Bryant’s D&D game, and the last session of Thunderspire Mountain. Based on how well our trial Living Forgotten Realms session went a couple of weeks back, I’m hopeful we’ll be able to continue on. Totally chuffed to play this campaign again.

I put in my pre-order for Divine Power yesterday and somehow my finger slipped and I also ordered a copy of the Eberron Player’s Guide. I mean really, come on. Lightning-rail trains and murderous halflings riding dinosaurs? Did anyone ever think I wouldn’t be getting it. I never picked up any of the 3e Eberron stuff because I didn’t play 3e so this will all be new to me.

I’m wanting to start something new but don’t have any focused ideas yet. Maybe just get a bunch of folks together for a Primetime Adventures pitch session. Sadly I recently learned that the 2nd edition is out of print as Matt Wilson prepares a new edition.

Lastly, once again the old adage that “if you have a great idea, just wait long enough and somebody else will do the heavy lifting for you” is proven true with Jerry Grayson’s Hellas. The Ancient Greeks developing (somehow – not clear how from what I’ve skimmed so far) into a spacefaring civilization? Sweeeeeeet.  Mythology-laden space opera? Sign me the hell up! I glanced at the  Quickstart Rules and it looks pretty crunchy at first glance (10 attributes? Damage Ratings?) but is actually pretty streamlined. May have to give this a shot. I’ve been wanting to do a “supers in pseudo-historical Greece” campaign for well on a decade now and this may scratch my itch!


4 Responses to “Back!”

  1. Rob MacD Says:

    “The Ancient Greeks developing (somehow – not clear how from what I’ve skimmed so far) into a spacefaring civilization?”

    NICE. Hadn’t heard about this.

  2. Jeffwik Says:

    The Eberron Player’s Guide, at least, seems to assume a fairly high degree of Eberron knowledge from the 3.5 books. The campaign guide may offer a fuller background. Of course, I am the sap who bought the complete run of Eberron 3.5 hardbacks, so, there you are.

    • Christopher Tatro Says:

      Well, it should be an interesting exercise to see how well it works for the newbie then!

    • Christopher Tatro Says:

      hmm, the Players’ Guide is almost entirely devoid of helpful setting info. I probably should have started with the Campaign Guide. Now I have to get that too. Darn.

      I don’t think it’s a lack of previous exposure but more a function of how the books are organized. But the utter vagueness about the Last War and the Mourning is really frustrating.

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