5 minute reaction – Psion


As of this posting, WotC has released the promised info for the Psion class only in the most frustrating format possible – as part of the Compendium (I thought we’d be getting actual pdf pages – silly me!). Here’s my 5 minute gut reaction:

-There’s only 1 Discipline Focus, much like the Monk playtest. This doesn’t feel like a fully finished class to me. I wonder if we’ll see a “Telekinesis Focus” at some later point.

-Gut reaction is I don’t like Power Points but only because it’s another thing to keep track of.

-No Encounter powers but more At Wills that can be pumped up with Power Points? That’s…funky but yeah I can see that as keeping in line with how psionics traditionally work. I actually like that as a foundation for ALL magic. I’d also allow somebody to dip into negative PP for Bad Stuff, but that’s just how I roll 😉

-Only 2 Paragon Paths? Yeah, this puppy ain’t done yet. Also you start getting Encounter powers through your Paragon path. That’s messy. Why not just stick with the model?

-Looks more like a negative leader than a standard controller – lots of penalties to foes’ defenses and granting combat advantage and such and not so much with the daze or stun or even movement (which is odd given that the class desc says “you can toss your enemies around the battlefield with psionic force.”

I’m going to have to see one of these in action to get a sense of effectiveness. Not in love at the moment but the Augment concept is neato!


4 Responses to “5 minute reaction – Psion”

  1. Jeffwik Says:

    Daze daze daze, dominate stun daze, daze daze stun.

    Forget monk, Tellus wants to be a psion.

    • Christopher Tatro Says:

      Wait a few more levels. Those seem pretty few and far between under lvl 13 or so.

      But yeah, I’m looking at Shala-Kai’s INT 20 and seeing some tasty multi-classing options. If such guidelines were available. Drat.

  2. Bryant Says:

    They note somewhere it’s only one build, like the monk. More coming!

  3. Len Says:

    Worked up a Lvl 1 and a Lvl 7 tonight in character builder, and frankly on paper it seems super neato. I’d play one in a second.

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