I think I’m approaching 4e burnout. Presently in the fire I have:

1) a 7th lvl campaign I’m running (homebrew setting. Particularly unpleasant things on tap for next Monday. Mwah-ha-ha.)
2) playing in the H123 module series (now via Maptool/Skype) that Bryant is running (and I’ve been working up a new character for that this past week)
3) Running a Living Forgotten Realms game online next week (and completely irrationally panicking about figuring out how MapTool works!)
4) Playing in Stefan’s game, which starts this weekend (we’re doing a couple of sessions at lvls 1,3, 5, 7 or something to build us all up to go through Against the Giants when it comes out next month.

I can’t remember the last time I was involved in more than one game in the same system at the same time, let alone FOUR!

I think I need to set up a weekly ad hoc oneshots sort of thing to get some variety into my diet. I’ve been going on about wanting to run Agon, Mouse Guard, PTA, Sons of Liberty and a bunch of other stuff that’s been languishing on my bookshelf. Sort of odd to be considering adding stuff to that already pretty full plate (although the LFR thing is a oneshot).

Also, Jeffwik requested that actually I work up a couple of Burning Wheel characters so as to document the lifepath process more. I’ll get to that, um, soonish!


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  1. Bryant Says:

    It amuses me greatly that you’ve got more 4e going than I do.

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