Fear my tiny, magical octopus!


I don’t intend to link to every new article that comes out through D&D Insider, but my Awesomeness Meter is off the charts with today’s piece on Eberron Familiars.

Familiars themselves are pretty darn awesome. I’m sad I’m not playing an arcane character at the moment so I don’t have one to fiddle with (although that last one didn’t work out so well *shakes tiny fist at Bryant*).

But now? You can have an octopus familiar! Which, hey, I didn’t know they could survive out of water for longer than it takes to sneak into an adjacent tank and eat all the yummy fish in there, but maybe there’s a clever system of portable water-filled globes or something WHATEVER it’s just a magical construct of an octopus anyway so it’s kind of a moot point!  Also, not as awesome! You get to have a tiny magical octopus!

Almost as awesome is the tiny velociraptor. Is it wrong that I want to get both and have them fight?

Okay, sure, a tiny Clockwork dude is neat too, I suppose.

I’d be a bad geek if I didn’t also note that the Dragonmark Reflection familiar sounds exactly like how the Green Lantern symbol is being shown in comics nowadays – floating above the character’s actual dragonmark.


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