Okay, now board games


I haven’t been much with playing board games lately. Not sure what it is, just haven’t been much up for them. But getting stuck on a desert island with nothing else to do could turn that around.

Descent: Journeys into Darkness Probably my favorite board game, both for the interesting play and the beauty (and weight!) of the components. There’s significant overlap between this and 4th edition D&D but I’m assuming here that the board games island is not the rpg island (“Wait, I’m stuck on an island AGAIN? With a crapload of gaming stuff? I’m never flying Oceanic again!”)
Republic of Rome One session of this should take about long enough for us to get rescued. Classic Avalon Hill game of managing the Republic against threats internal and external.  This is a game that requires cooperation for the Republic to survive – one person trying to run away with it can sink the whole thing. I really dig that. And that’s why my next game is
Shadows Over Camelot Not the “JFK Administration dark conspiracy” game I thought it was at first, but rather “the Knights of the Round Table must work together to restore the glory of England.”  The twist that sets it apart here is the possible presence of a traitor who is actively trying to make the group lose the game. I hate this game with a burning fiery passion, and will bring it with me to the island to play it until I have achieved mastery over it or died trying.
Full Thrust Okay, I’m bending the boundaries of “board game” a bit here, but if I can’t have space combat miniature fighting action on my island, I don’t want to be there! Note for other people doing this meme: this doesn’t mean you can bring every Warhammer piece in creation – Full Thrust can be played with whatever crap you have lying around. This coconut is my destroyer, those pieces of palm frond are my fighters, and the bloated half-eaten corpses of my fellow travelers are my capital ships.
Betrayal at the House on the Hill I never don’t have fun playing this game. Enough different scenarios to keep us busy for  along time.
Formula De Because sometimes you just NEED to push little racecars around a track.
Cosmic Encounter, Mayfair Games Edition This game is just pure chaos but a ton of mindless fun. Not the crappy limited Hasbro version though. Ugh. Did the new Fantasy Flight edition ever come out?
Castle of Magic This one. I don’t even know why we have this one or where it came from. The production values are, well, this wasn’t done by a Big Name Studio and it shows but hey it’s better than anything I’ve ever published.  The game drags almost interminably, but the endgame is really fun and frustrating and exciting. I see this sitting forlornly in game shops all the time but don’t know anybody else who owns a copy.
Star Wars: The Queen’s Gambit The only decent thing to come out of The Phantom Menace! This game *feels* like Star Wars to me. Love love love it.
Settlers of Catan Why not go classic, sure. Bring along the Seafarers expansion but not the Cities & Knights or any of that stuff.

Honorable Mentions go to Twilight Imperium (I figure I already had enough 8-12 hour games on the list), Winner’s Circle, A Game of Thrones, Last Night on Earth and Puerto Rico. Stuff I’ve heard really good things about but haven’t tried include Pandemic, Arkham Horror (one very badly run demo at Origins does not count), Memoir ’44 and there’s some Civil War game I can’t remember the name of from GMT maybe? I dunno.

Please note the absence of Dragon Strike from this list.


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