Top ten all time desert island rpgs…go!


Bryant started this.

In no particular order:

DC Heroes Second Edition. My first true love. We’ve grown apart over the years, mostly because of that time when I tried to turn her into something she wasn’t, but she still rocks my socks.
FASA Star Trek. Best character creation system ever. And the Starship Tactical Combat Simulator part was really awesome – instead of character sheets you had print-outs of panel displays and moved your power level sliders up and down. Also, this would give me all the ridiculous Starship Recognition Manuals, and if I’m going to be stuck on an island forever I want some ship porn!
Rolemaster, 2nd edition. Still my fantasy rpg of choice. Shut up.
D&D 4e For when the other folks on the island refuse to play Rolemaster with me.
Lacuna, part 1: The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City (Second Attempt) For when I want to be weird and creepy
Deadlands: Reloaded The Savage Worlds system works well for me, and Weird West? Yes please!
Caper! Gotta throw some love to my homeboy John. And there’s really no other game that does the co-op storytelling with surprise twists quite like that.
Ghostbusters What? I love the d6 engine and this was a really well written and clever game.
Primetime Adventures 2nd edition So maybe I can finally get a game of it going, dammit!
Zorceror of Zo This game is just freaking captivating for me, mainly because of the Oz/Narnia mashup elements, but it’s a simple and flexible system for fairy tale storytelling.

Honorable mentions to DitV, Angel, and Agon .


2 Responses to “Top ten all time desert island rpgs…go!”

  1. John O'Brien Says:

    Oh, thanks for the shout out. 😀

    I think it may be time to dust that bitch off and get the old band together for another Horatio Club one-shot.

    • Christopher Tatro Says:

      You cost Dogs a slot in the top ten, hoss. If you don’t set something up I’m going to tell Vincent and he’ll kick your ass.

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