2010 D&D Setting Poll


Wizards of the Coast will be announcing next year’s setting (following in the footsteps of 2008’s Forgotten Realms and 2009’s Eberron) at GenCon this coming week. Speculation is rampant on what the choice will be. Some contenders seem to be leading the way in teh speculation. The inclusion of psionics in PHB3 seems to suggest Dark Sun to some, while this being the 25th anniversary of Dragonlance has fans of that franchise hopeful.  And then we have Sigil being laid out in DMG2 and a bunch of forthcoming plane-related books to get folks giddy about Planescape. Simultaneously, these bits are seen as evidence against all of the above settings for various reasons. It’s like trying to guess who will get the nod for vice-president, but more geeky and probably with a less “wtf?” reaction than last time out.

(I don’t buy the whole redacted thing in the recent Ampersand column as being a clue – it’s about 17-18 characters long and Slavicsek was being too deliberately coy to actually have the real name of the setting in there.)

So cast your vote, and let us know in the comments why you think it is what you think it is. Also, I’ve left out Birthright and Al-Qadim because nobody remembers those and like a company is going to put out books with a name that even remotely sounds like “Al-Quaeda” these days



8 Responses to “2010 D&D Setting Poll”

  1. Theron Says:

    I’m still saying Greyhawk as my primary guess. About six months ago, someone posted a very convincing take on how a 4e Greyhawk reboot might work, one that seemed to have some connection to some folks at Wizards, IIRC.

    Also, Monks figure pretty large in Greyhawk, what with the Scarlet Brotherhood and all.

    After that, I think Spelljammer is the other likely candidate. With the exception of the Giff, all the major players in the SJ setting have been updated to 4e already. It would be reasonably easy to fit to the new rules and could justify some detailed vehicular/ship-to-ship combat rules, which might draw in the skeptics who just want the new rules for their own nefarious purposes.

    I personally think Dark Sun is the least likely at the moment. The 4e approach to settings has been to bend the existing settings to the new rules, not the other way around, and Dark Sun has too many elements that would be completely ruined by simply reskinning the setting to 4e.

  2. Christopher Tatro Says:

    I agree about Dark Sun. From my experiences with it last year they’d have to choose between REALLY compromising the setting to make the system fit, or put a lot of system work into making up rules for Defiling, new Cleric stuff, removing the Divine source, etc.

    Greyhawk would certainly appeal to the old school crowd but I wonder if it’s thematically different enough from FR for them to want to put it out.

    • Theron Says:

      Thematically different enough?

      I sentence thee to read Nitescreed’s “The Grey in the Hawk” and get back to me on that. If nothing else, Greyhawk’s pervasive (some might say ‘militant’) Neutrality goes a long way towards differentiating it from the Realms.

      • Christopher Tatro Says:

        I was never much into FR so I don’t think I ever got the differences between the settings. I’d assumed a lot of it was just Greyhawk with the serial numbers filed off so they wouldn’t have to pay Gary royalties. I loves me some Greyhawk (“Artifact of Evil” was one of my faves as a kid) so I’m not disparaging it by any means.

    • Bryant Says:

      And it’s Dark Sun.

  3. Christopher Tatro Says:

    Also: no fair voting twice for Birthright, O’Brien!!!! 😉

  4. Bryant Says:

    I’m betting on Dragonlance; there’s a preponderance of evidence and it’s a wildly popular setting that might bring back some 2e players.

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