[CoH] Super Sidekicking


I did say at one point I’d talk about video game stuff here. And City of Heroes was my go-to MMO for about four and a half years. I dropped it about a year ago because I was feeling pretty bored.

This new development is quite spiffy. Long story short: everybody on the team gets their effective fighting level adjusted to the level of the mission owner. There appear to be some options for using the old “Exemplaring” system (where higher level characters drop down to match a lower level partner and are awarded Influence instead of XPs) if people want, but otherwise this is the new standard across the board.

(this also, quite intentionally, ends a common power-leveling tactic called “bridging”, and that fills me with glee at the thought of the rage it must be causing in some people)

When I think about the number of hours this would have saved over four and a half years of “oh, you guys are lvl 35? I’m on with my lvl 12. I don’t have anyone in that level range, so can we all switch to our lvl 25s” etc. Wow.

Speaking of WoW – Dear Blizzard: DO THIS! Not being able to ever actually group with my friends was the biggest reason I bailed on WoW after only 6 months.

Also, you’ll be able to set instanced missions to recognize your group as whatever size you wish, regardless of the actual number of folks in your group. Difficulty ramps up with the number on the team, so if you have 4 folks and really want  a challenge you can tell it to treat your group as if it were 8 characters.  That will certainly cut down on missions seeming like cakewalks. I can’t wait to take my bad-assest Katana/Super Reflexes Scrapper solo into an instance and tell it I’m 8 people. That will be EPIC.

Oh yes, I definitely see recidivism in my future…



2 Responses to “[CoH] Super Sidekicking”

  1. foxtown Says:

    What do you think about Champions Online?

    If you pre-order now you can get into the beta for a couple of weeks before the game comes out and then get two or three days head start if you want to actually buy the game. Pre-ordering only costs $5.

    Worth it if you are interested.

    • Christopher Tatro Says:

      I’m not certain of the status of any relevant NDAs but if hypothetically I had been in the closed beta, hypothetically I found the game really clunky and dull to the point where hypothetically I would have little to no interest in playing it for the remainder of the free closed beta, nevermind actually paying for it.

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