Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3e


Fantasy Flight has announced the 3rd edition of WHFRP.  And the approach seems to be to take D&D4e’s tactical miniatures element and go it one better. There’s a lot of grousing about this on rpg.net (and probably elsewhere as well, but that’s where I was reading it) about how this is another step in the dumbing down of RPGs and how horrible it is etc etc.

But the thing is, FFG also makes Descent: Journeys into Darkness. And from what little info I’m seeing so far this is looking like Descent with some rpg elements added on. And in my book, that’s a good thing because Descent is freaking fantastic and adding RP stuff to it can only be a Good Thing. For a more well written rebuttal of the “minis kill roleplaying” crap, see Bryant’s piece here.

The only problem is that the core box wil run $99 and that’s a little steep. Even if it does come with 30 dice (like Descent it uses special symbolled dice) and a crapload of really high-production value character and power cards (there’s the extra genius of this game – including the glossy shiny cards with the game and, I’d speculate, making producing your own a hassle). I’d guess that they also recommend you buy Descent for the minis and tiles.


2 Responses to “Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3e”

  1. Bryant Says:

    This is totally where I react to WHFRP 3e the same way 3e players reacted to 4e. It sounds like an OK game but I love WHFRP 1/2e a lot, so I am afraid.

  2. blizack Says:

    I feel a lot like Bryant, but feel I should point out that there’s no been no mention of maps or minis anywhere thus far. It’s not yet clear if it has tactical combat at all. It sounds like there are just tons of dice and counters and cards and character sheets in that box.

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