WFRP3 – Movement and Engagement


Some new info from FFG about the new Warhammer game and how it will work. In a nutshell, it uses more abstract range bands (as seen in games like SotC, Agon and I believe Savage Worlds) instead of specific grid-based tactical movement ant positioning. They still have little doodads to place your characters on a tabletop in relation to other folks but I can see where those would be much more optional that 4e’s battlemat stuff.  You have 4 ranges: Close, Medium, Long and EXTREME!!!  and an “Engaged” status to determine whether 2 pieces (characters, items, etc) are interacting with each other (presumably there are consequences for breaking away from Engagement).

Neat stuff. I like the way this is trending. As someone with zero tactical sense, the specific token moving and mapping of bursts/blasts/etc. is the part I least like about 4e.

(Of course, there is the requisite bellyaching at and on the FFG boards about how the minis clutter up the table and don’t really add anything and how this is hard and confusing and dumb.  So it goes.)



6 Responses to “WFRP3 – Movement and Engagement”

  1. Bryant Says:

    God damn it, that does not fit the narrative. Make it go away.

    However, that’s similar to how I’d do battlemat-less 4e — range bands, yep. I like the Engaged status. This increases the chances I’ll buy WFRP 3e, although I’m still unsure it’ll fit my tastes as a game.

    Savage Worlds, btw, is gridless miniatures. Exact ranges are important, but you use a measuring tape and movement is in inches.

    • Jack Kessler Says:

      Hmm, I think of those two I’d prefer range bands – fits my idea of fast a loose with a little bit of grit, while breaking out measuring tape just seems. Not.

    • Christopher Tatro Says:

      I couldn’t remember if SW used bands, because Agon does and it rips so much else from SW.

      I don’t know how 4e’s blasts/bursts would work with bands. Half the game seems to be having to maneuver to avoid friendly fire (or not, if you’re a webcomic author, apparently).

      • Bryant Says:

        The only way to be safe from JIM DARKMAGIC is to be in another state.

        I’d key blasts off flanking. If you’re not flanked, the mobs on you can be caught in a blasts safely. If you’re flanking a mob, it can’t be caught in a blast without getting one of the flankers.

        My LFR sorcerer is big on blasts and while I have to think about it to get into the right place, it’s never too hard to do it. (BOOM 100 points of damage in a round with an action point AW yeah.)

        Dunno about bursts.

        • Jack Kessler Says:

          Of the top of my head, a burst 1 would probably be equivalent to ‘engaged’, 2-5 or so would be Close, 6-10 medium, and up to 20 would be Long.

          I had a problem with a Color Spray the other night because I was trying to manuever to avoid the Cleric who just turned undead, and botht he cleric and the Dm said ‘just make sure you get them all, don’t worry) so I did. And took out the cleric as well as the undead. We got him back, but I was miffed that I was specifically trying NOT to do that, even if I missed one of the undead closest to the cleric.

  2. foxtown Says:

    Luckily the webcomic author I play with plays a warlock…whew…

    WHFB Sounds interesting though

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