Open Call: Unknown Armies Submissions


Atlas Games is going to publish at least three short Unknown Armies PDFs. That’s exciting! I will buy them all, particularly since this is an experiment. One presumes it’s intended to find out if that sort of publishing is viable.

I note that Atlas also has the rights to Feng Shui and Over the Edge. In my wildly optimistic dreams, the experiment is also intended to test the viability of new PDF releases for those games as well. All three of those games live together on my core gaming bookshelf, and I have very close to the complete publication history of all of them. (I’m missing a couple of the Edgeworks issues; let me know if you’ve got ’em and want to sell ’em.) I would like to see more, please.

Also exciting: Atlas is running an open call for pitches for those three PDFs. 6,000 words, pitches should be one very compelling sentence, follow the link for more details. I am trying to convince certain people that certain campaign frameworks would make a good submission, but he might be too busy being smart or something.

Unknown Armies is the only one of those three lines I haven’t written professionally for, come to think of it. I should get cracking.

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6 Responses to “Open Call: Unknown Armies Submissions”

  1. Rob Says:

    Curse your temptations!

    This is both appealing and not. Appealing because, yes, our game was the bestest ever, who can deny it? Not because, if a pitch was accepted, I/we would have to write the thing, and for two cents a word.

    It might be fun to come up with some pitches though. What would be the best part of Unknown USA to pitch/package as a 6K word PDF? The call says to think about pitches that are useful/interesting to the widest possible cross-section of UA players which probably means my dream of converting Moby Dick into UA terms is a no go.

    The first things that come to my mind would be: “The Secret Civil War,” a mini-sourcebook for occult late 19th C America, the Goldbugs and Silverites, the League of Good Roads, sentient corporate Octopi (a la my recent blog post) etc. maybe centered around a Gangs of New York style New York. Or “The Dirty South” modern-day, Southern sourcebook – a bunch of groups, adept schools, weird locations, etc. some from our game, some new for this. Or “The Oz Tarot”, all the Oz stuff from our game, codified and spiffed up in some way.

    But I’d be curious to hear what others would pitch.

    • Bryant Says:

      Six thousand words! That’s nothing. Six sizable blog posts.

      I had thought about “The Secret Civil War” and “Unknown Oz.” The latter is interesting insofar as the first Oz books are in the public domain. But you know, the other idea that always stuck with me was the Summer of Love book, since the 60s are still a woefully under-used RPG genre.

      I think an in-depth examination of flashback/alternate PC groups would be interesting, but perhaps would not support an entire 6,000 words.

      Damn. I should pitch the Unknown Wrestling Federation; I’ve had all the backstory worked out in my mind forever.

      • Rob Says:

        The 60s one could be cool. Maybe mashup what we did with James Ellroy’s (now complete) 1960s trilogy for a more jaundiced take.

  2. Rob Says:

    Or somebody qualified (ahem) could do the long needed wrestling supplement (pro, backyard, Mexican, etc.) for UA.

  3. Jack Kessler Says:

    Unless you don’t want to spoil it for the pitch, I’d love to hear more (or anything) about ‘Unknown Oz’.

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