Return of the Not-King


Amagi Games is back. Even if Levi never puts anything else up there, every single article on the site is golden. Someday I’m going to run a 4e game using the Soap Opera plugin, with extended rests as the central resource.


4 Responses to “Return of the Not-King”

  1. Levi Kornelsen Says:

    There’ll be at *minimum* a few things – another engine, a couple of articles I always wanted to put up, a couple more restorations.

    Now, that assumes that I just get the stuff up and fall over. Which, let’s be fair, could happen. I like to think that it won’t, but my track record reads “burst of cool, followed by slack time, followed by burst of cool.”

    Oh, and, this time out? I have google alerts! 😛

    • Bryant Says:

      The bursts of cool are pretty awesome!

      I like the collective contribution model but keep having trouble wrapping my mind around it. I should sit down and figure out how I can effectively participate.

      • Levi Kornelsen Says:

        …This is one place where I need more clarity – good, grabby options for jumping in – because “You can join me however you like!” is *true*, but it comes with that paralysis-of-choices thing where the option to do anything leads to most interested people not doing anything.

        Any ideas?

        • Bryant Says:

          The classic method of encouraging people to do something is to ask them for specific things, yeah.

          Run a contest, perhaps?

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