We’re Buying a Surface!


Check out the video. There’s a team at CMU working on using Microsoft’s Surface technology for tabletop RPGs. You can see where the ideas need refinement, but it’s pretty hot as a concept.


3 Responses to “We’re Buying a Surface!”

  1. Christopher Tatro Says:

    Dammit, I just came over here to post that!

    Channel 7 here in Boston uses Surface in a way that makes me seethe with red hot anger – they use it to display stupid facebook comments about “hot topic” issues by dragging around and expanding the clipping window and..ugh, it’s just SO needlessly “hey look at this nifty new toy we just got that we have no practical use for!”

    As opposed to doing a dungeon crawl on it. That would be entirely justified.

  2. Jack Kessler Says:

    This reminds me of something mentioned by Peter Adkison at a GenCon talk 4-5 years ago.

    One of the things he did after selling WoTC was work on a prototype of a projector system that would project a battlemat down on a surface, and let you interact with it using miniatures (or whatever). Must have also had a camera to capture the positions – I don’t remember that bit – sounds like they had a lot of rules integration (with 3.x) so it could show you how far you could move on your turn, etc.

    Of course this required mounting a couple of thousand dollars worth of equipment high above your table. they toyed with building a unit you could extend up, but the projectors were big, heavy, fragile, and very expensive, so it never went much further than some tests. Sounded so cool.

    And now technology is approaching it from a different angle – touch sensitive screens.

  3. Jeffwik Says:

    That is just gorgeous.

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