4e Hybrids?


Anyone out there have any experience with Hybrids? One of my games is lacking in the healing department and I’m in discussions with the DM about respeccing my Dragonborn Invoker into an Invoker/Cleric. Seems like some good synergy there given my stats (high WIS and CON, okay STR) but I’ve not played a hybrid nor seen any in action so I’m curious about the experiences others may have had.


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  1. Jack Kessler Says:

    In the game I run (currently on hiatus), I allowed our Dragonborn Paladin MC Warlord to rework himself as a Dragonborn Paladin/Warlord Hybrid (since the rules came out while he was approaching 2nd level, plus i wanted a chance to see the rules in action). It was a little rough at first, due to the wonky way they do armor, but our feedback gave weight to expanding the Hybrid talent Feat to allow for other class features. With an invoker/cleric, you probably aren’t going to see the same kind of issue.

    The other things we had to keep an eye out for are HP, which can lag behind (again, maybe not in your case) and the potential loss of key class features that CAN’T be regained with the Hybrid Talent (which makes a wizard kinda strange – no spellbook, really?).

    What are you planning to take with the Hybrid Talent out of the box? That would be my first question, as unless you have a good reason not to, you should also burn a Feat in the respeccing to do that. Most of the options are just too good not to do that for the price of a Feat.

    Probably the same thought should go into what you could potentially pick up in Paragon, taking the second Hybrid Talent feat up, should you qualify.

    Other than the initial armor and HP concerns, our hybrid has had a blast playing the combo. He loves ordering the rogue (his wife) to attack on his turn! 🙂

    • Christopher Tatro Says:

      The armor proficiencies overlap exactly, and the HP/level and surges actually total up to the same as I was with Invoker, so no problem there.

      I may Hybrid Talent to grab Healer’s Mercy at Paragon, but really the other stuff I don’t think I really need (Armor of Wrath is a good “oh crap get away from me” power, but very situational, and we’re doing Revenge of the Giants so not much call for Turn Undead).

      The entries in the builder are laid out strangely – makes it look like Covenant Manifestation, Healer’s Lore and Healing Word are Hybrid Talent options but based on the article I believe I get them automatically. The armor talent I don’t need because the proficiencies line up just fine.

      • Jack Kessler Says:

        Yes, you get the ones you mention automatically. It may look weird as some of them are (Hybrid) versions of the Class features. Such as Healing Word only being used once per encounter. That was another thing you have to watch out for. Some of the class features aren’t the ‘full’ versions. But if you are just looking for a little healing, that probably isn’t an issue.

        Though, if you are going to forgo taking the hybrid talent feat, and want more healing, then you might consider one of the other Leader types as a MC feat(on top of hybridizing). Gets you another trained Skill, usually (and a Hybrid does kind of lose out on extra trained skills a class provides) and maybe an encounter or daily healing power (with a high wisdom you might qualify for a Paladin and lay on hands – probably won’t qualify for a bard – shaman would cost you TWO MC feats (I think – I don’t have Primal Power yet)).

        • Christopher Tatro Says:

          I don’t think any of the Pally MCs give you LoH. I could grab Warlord for Inspiring Word though. Tempting. But Hybriding and MCing…just sounds like I have a difficult time committing to a decision 😉

          We have a Warlord in the party, but she focuses more on the fighty parts. Also a barbarian who MC’d into Bard, so we’re not entirely without healing. I think the Healing Word 1/day will be fine.

          • Jack Kessler Says:

            You are correct – I was thinking ‘Virtue’s Touch’ from the Divine Power book. and you get Healing Word once an ENCOUNTER with hybrid (it’s 1/day with MCing into cleric – though if that’s enough for you, it’s a lot easier than doing the hybrid).

            I’m considering activating my Windrise Ports background next level and swapping my familiar for a MC Shaman’s Spirit Creature. If I do that, I hear i can take a second Shaman MC and get Healing spirit, too.

            Plus Shaman MC is pretty cool on its own.

            • Christopher Tatro Says:

              I haven’t done a Shaman because I don’t like/get the summoning rules so much yet. I’ll probably tackle one at some point.

              Primal Power’s Druid Summoning rules make all Shamans, Invokers and Wizards dead jealous. Be sure to look at that before you decide.

              And yeah, HW 1/encounter. That’s what I meant. I’d thought about just MCing into Cleric but I want the heal more than just 1/day.

              • Jack Kessler Says:

                One of the nice things about Windrise Ports is it allows 2 classes MC feats. I have been considering swapping back and forth with Familiar and MC Shaman, but keeping MC Druid. Basically re-skinning the shaman as a more martial Familiar.

  2. Emerita Rydzewski Says:

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