GenCon 2010


Susan and I have badges and a hotel reservation. Finally… the PANDA… has come BACK to MILWAUKEE!

… what?

It moved?


(Who else is going this year?)



6 Responses to “GenCon 2010”

  1. Jeffwik Says:

    We wanna, but we got a lot going on in 2010.

  2. Ivan Says:

    I’m going, along with Doogs and the rest of the boozehounds.

  3. Theron Says:

    I’m planning on it, along with The Missus and friends.

  4. Christopher Tatro Says:

    Badge is $70. Gas to/from Indy would be $180. Hotel uncertain. If I sell those two PAX badges I’m not out that much at all. hmmm.

  5. Bryant Says:

    Gencon > PAX.

    • Christopher Tatro Says:

      Probably should have said “if I *can* sell”. My interest in PAX is zero right now. I’ve made a couple of offers of the tickets but people aren’t getting back to me in an timely manner.

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