Wow, doing the sticker errata update thing is SUPER ANNOYING.

DMG 1 &2 and Martial, Divine and Primal Powers are now done.  It doesn’t look pretty but it’s useful enough I guess. Only one place so far in the DMG1 where they wanted me to insert a paragraph where there just wasn’t room for it. The Martial Power errata is still crap – about 1/3 of it doesn’t have the nice text replacement stuff but just says “insert the words ‘Target: 1 creature’ somewhere”. Maybe they’ll fix that eventually but I resorted to red pen on that one.

PHB1 is going to suck. I lent out my copy and won’t have it back until later this week. I can’t say I can really recommend doing this to your books unless you’re a severe anal-retentive and have a lot of time to fill.


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