More 4e Supers


More thoughts going back to this post.

-I really love the mechanic for the Psi classes (except the Monk). That feels how Supers should work – having an Augmentable pool so you can really push to have a big effect when you need it. I immediately think of Cyclops for some reason, putting points in to make weird bank-shots or for massive damage effect or something.  Or those things could all just be his various Encounters and Dailies I suppose.

-Travel powers. Bill and I hit upon this while looking through PHB3: handle them like the Skill Powers. You can swap out Utilities for them or use a Feat to buy more of them. In some ways I like this and in some the “everybody gets an At-Will for free” works better. Not entirely certain there.

-With the now 5×4 grid of Power Source/Role (and some doubling up) there still doesn’t feel like there’s  a good pattern to use to map onto supers genre conventions as neatly as I would like. I think Race and Class are probably going to be individually determined and may not bear any consistency from one character to another (I mean, look at Mutants or Aliens or Robots. They don’t really have much in common from one character to the next that can easily map onto “all aliens are Deva and all Mutants are Gnomes”). I’d really like to not have that kind of looseness, but that’s just me. I would sit down and ask someone to describe the kind of character and powers they would want and try to find the best match. Role is the primary foundation here, so once someone decided they want to be a Controller, for example, then the differences between Wizard, Invoker, Druid, Seeker and Psion dictate the class (have to work up a chart to define the differences more concretely. I think of a Wizard as more pure AoE status control and an Invoker as doing more AoE damage and debuffs but that may not be accurate). I think I just have to let go of my Bert-like control issues on this one.

-One of the most important things is to be able to use the Character Builder. The damage types and flavor text are entirely handwaved but the powers and feats themselves should remain constant. Equipment largely goes away thanks to the DMG2’s Inherent Bonuses (thanks, Bryant).  Doing the travel powers as outside at-wills wouldn’t interact with the Builder at all and would allow for skill-monkey Batman-type characters to really shine.

I think I may well be at the point where I want to get some people together and try making up some characters, and then FIGHT! just to see what it looks like.


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