Mutants and Masterminds: Appropriate Powers for use with Nemesis


Life has conspired to keep me absent from this blog for some time.  While our D&D DM finally got a new job, it was in another state, so “Not Your GM’s Keep” in on indefinite hiatus (if you hadn’t noticed), with the last few entries stuck in draft limbo.

Not that I’ve had any dearth of gaming, as our other GM (who is also out of work – there’s probably a post in there somewhere on how the state of the economy has changed my gaming landscape) has had to miss several sessions, so I’ve been running more than I have in ages, 1-2 games a week.  So I’m going to try and catch up with some things I’ve been meaning to write about these other games as well as soliciting ideas for them (which means my players had better skip these posts for now).

I am putting together the next session of our “Are You MAJESTIC?” M&M reality show campaign for this week, and it’s going to be a relatively straightforward battle with prototype robots that are designed to scan and upgrade themselves to battle their opponents.

Originally I was just going to do a variation on the super-adaptoid robot, and mimic the PC abilities, but I think the Nemesis power is perhaps better suited for Aerotech’s silicates. But that idea is more open ended, as multiple powers could be used to thwart any individual hero.

So, I’m looking for suggestions so I can throw some curve balls at my players through the night.

On the hero side we have:

Molecule Miss – a Kitty Pryde analog who can use Object Mimicry on the substances she phases through.

Dazzler – well, Dazzler – some players know what they want to play, and won’t budge.

Dynamo – an electrical control hero with an energy form that has touch Datalink powers (Machine Control and Cyberspace), limited teleport (through conducting medium) and a homing shock blast

Cozmo – has blue (cosmic) energy powers allowing him to shoot blasts out of each arm (targeting two), fly by directing the energy out his legs, and produce a blue forcefield that can protect himself and others (and allows him to move/fly other people/objects that he covers).

Rocket Girl II – an Adam Strange analog with Jetpack, blaster, sealed armor w/sensors and a zeta-beam like dimensional teleport that takes a few rounds to activate.

Belle – actually a PA on the ‘MAJESTIC’ reality show, she was recently revealed to have powers when there was trouble on the set (she can change into canine form that has super powers similar to the fictional ones in the movie ‘Bolt’. And yes, she has a vulnerability to Styrofoam). She will get involved at some point in the testing phase, probably after things start going horribly wrong.

Suggestions on appropriate uses of the Nemesis power? Each PC is at PL 10, and these are meant to be training robots, so probably starting at PL 7 or 8 with one robot a piece.


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2 Responses to “Mutants and Masterminds: Appropriate Powers for use with Nemesis”

  1. Jon Says:

    @ Dazzler – you are so right about that…I can totally imagine this conversation, though!!! I can see your face, man!

    Still, it’s a damn site better than “The Barrister…”

    • Jack Kessler Says:

      Yeah, I started with the player wanting to be ‘Kitty from the movie’. Of course, I was looking at this as another chance to add some background detail to the Alpha Event universe, but just porting in Marvel Heroes didn’t fit that, so… Hmm, OK, I said, how about we use that as a base, change a few things up. Give her Object Mimicry, call her Molecule Miss, etc. Cool.

      Next in line – Dazzler. OK, how about we… Nope, Dazzler. Allison Blaire, rollerskates, failed movie career, etc. Dazzler. OK… next?

      Not getting the Barrister reference.

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