In Brightest Day


A writeup for Green Lantern for the upcoming DC Adventures RPG from Green Ronin has been posted.

There are some definite changes (most notably in the attribute names) from 2nd edition Mutants & Masterminds. But not so many that this is incomprehensible. In fact even to someone like me who didn’t play that much M&M this scans very very cleanly. Green Lantern has the reputation (along with the Flash) of being one of the characters that usually breaks any supers ruleset. Even my beloved DC Heroes/MEGS had to resort to a bloated and difficult writeup to convey how power rings worked. This seems to have handled it very elegantly. If the rest of the game has this kind of simplicity, I think we may have a winner.


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2 Responses to “In Brightest Day”

  1. Moth Says:

    “The wielder’s will and imagination are the only real limits on a power ring”

    Oh, I sooooo need to get me one of those rings! 🙂

  2. Moth Says:

    Off-topic – You know the movie Up? And the “Caw! Caw! Rawr!” call? I wonder if that is what an OwlBear sounds like…… 🙂

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