Drivin’ To Gencon


Gotta game. Gotta game without dice and pen and paper and stuff. So…

Everything you do, you’re either Awesome, Good, or Average. That way this can be the AGA system. Since you have no paper, you don’t have to build your character on points or anything — you can decide on the fly how good you are at things. You’re not Bad at anything, formally speaking. If you suck at doing a thing, you can just say you fail at doing it.

Don’t forget circumstances. If you’re Awesome at penchak silat but you just had the crap beaten out of you, maybe you’re just Good at it right now. Or maybe not. Who am I to say?

If you’re trying to do something you’re Awesome at, you just win by default. I am an Awesome lawyer, so I win my motion for continuance. Or I win the trial if that’s the appropriate granularity. Sometimes your opposition will be better than Average, however. So you just slip down a notch. Here:

Awesome vs. Bad: You win utterly
Awesome vs. Average: You win
Awesome vs. Good: You’re just Good for this one
Awesome vs. Awesome: You’re just Average for this one

If you’re trying to do something you’re Good at, the GM puts a coin in one of her hands. Secretly. It can be a rock or a breath mint or whatever, the coin bit doesn’t matter. You pick a hand. If you get it right, you win!

If you get it wrong, you’re down by one beat. The GM describes how the conflict is going, with your opponent pulling ahead a notch. Or you describe it, depending on where you want to put the narrative power. Again, who am I to say?

Then you do it again. If you guess wrong twice in a row, you lose. If you guess right once, you win. I have not figured out the probabilities here but I think they’re pretty good for you. They should be; you’re Good at this.

If you’re trying to do something you’re Average at, you do the coin bit again. If you guess wrong twice in a row, you lose. To win, you have to guess right twice in a row. Barring your ability to outguess your GM, this should be even odds, right? I think so.

More charts:

Good vs. Bad: You win
Good vs. Average: Guess right once to win
Good vs. Good: You’re Average!
Good vs. Awesome: … hm.

OK, if you’re Good but you’re up against Awesome opposition, you have to guess right twice in a row without guessing wrong. GMs: don’t be dicks. Failure should move the story along. It’s failure for the PC, not for the player!

There. Now I can roleplay in the car.


One Response to “Drivin’ To Gencon”

  1. Ivan Says:

    Excellent! If the music runs out we will definitely use this …

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