DC Universe (cause I like the Green Ronin guys and it’s also M&M 3rd edition)
Apocalypse World (rarely does a lumpley game have nothing for me)
Parsley pack (been wanting this for a while, cheap amusement, $20)
Five sets of dice (2 sets of Chessex for each of me and Susan, one set of Gamescience for Susan)
Lots of Alea Tools magnets
Some miniatures


Peter Seckler’s Nixie Queen LFR My Realms adventure (one of three)
Two LFR specials for our paragon level characters (in your face, Ice Queen Iyraclea)


Ram (20 minute wait, not sure how we did that)
Alcatraz (way worse than previous years, boo soggy Reuben)
Buca (mmm, lots of Italian)
Steak ‘n Shake (tradition)
Cafe Patachou (seriously go here for breakfast)
the usual food court stuff

Chatted with:

Chris H. (too briefly)
Chris McG. (also too briefly)
Matthew G.

Missed sadly:

Ivan (BOO, I shoulda scheduled or something)
I’m sure tons of other people

Ah, Gencon, you are always about a week too short. No con crud this year, because we took lots of multi-vitamins and rested and drank a ton of water. We discovered rather late that the multi-vitamins had a coffee-cup sized dose of caffeine in each one. BUZZ.



2 Responses to “Gencon”

  1. Christopher Tatro Says:

    I’m practically frothing to get my paws on that DC Universe game.

    Haven’t heard about Apocalypse World but I’m sure to check it out now.

    ah, one of these years I’ll make it there. I need to start banking vacation time to do the Long Con one of these days (take the whole summer off and hit a series of conventions from Memorial Day to Labor Day, doesn’t matter what they are. Include national political party nominating conventions if possible. GenCon, Origins and San Diego are musts.)

    • Bryant Says:

      The trilogy I wanna do is SDCC, Gencon, and Worldcon — comics, games, and books.

      I need the old group up in Boston for some Apocalypse World. It’s definitely one of those games where I want some trust established between players before running.

      I am going to stress test the DCU game by finding out if it can handle Chuck Dixon’s martial arts obsession.

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