AP: Prophecy of Crows


Prophecy of Crows is my 4e Greyhawk game. It’s pretty cool. I have good players, and it’s a good setting. Right now I’m working on making everything grounded: heightening the importance of the towns and the NPCs and bringing character relationships to the forefront.

One of the characters decided to spend a lot of money on throwing a goodbye party in Storport, which is where the first few sessions happened. Hopefully they’ll be back! That’s going to be a great opportunity to have NPCs express desires and so on, but it couldn’t happen this last session, cause the character’s player wasn’t there.

Instead, I set it aside for a flashback and I had the players who were there write down an incredibly embarrassing thing that happened to their characters during the party. “Don’t show anyone!” Then I took them and shuffled them up without looking and dealt them back out. “OK, this is something you happened to see during the party, totally up to you what you do with it.”

Now the characters all have a non-adventuring point of relationship to each other. Not that they didn’t before but adding another one doesn’t suck, and the players all seemed to like it.



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