Shilling Q&A


If you read this you’ve probably already seen me shill this sucker somewhere else, but I’m not proud and we only need six more commitments before it becomes a real boy.

So: there’s this site called Stack Overflow, which is a place where programmers can ask and answer questions. Imagine Yahoo! Answers, but without all the ads and fourteen year olds who want to know where they can watch True Blood free streaming online. There’s a reputation system, so you can vote up good answers, and if you get enough reputation you get to be an editor, and so on. This all works surprisingly well.

I myself dig the sysadmin-oriented offshoot, Server Fault. There are a couple of other official sites in the family. There’s also been a lot of “hey, you should do a site for cooking/the English language/Zen gnosticism” talk, so they came up with a proposal/beta scheme for new sites, to make sure there’s enough support for any random proposal.

Stage two is the bit where a proposal needs to get 300 people who’re willing to say they’ll use the site. Stage three is beta! The roleplaying site is way close to stage three, so click on over, maybe take a look at those other links first to see if you like the way these sites work, and commit. It’ll be fun.


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