Oh, and also


-Tomb of Goddamn Horrors continues apace.  Today went much better than last week. Although we left off in the middle of an encounter with an Elite or Solo thingy that looks mighty grim. Interesting encounter as it shell-gamed us: some nasties popped up, one of whom we assumed to be a Big Bad so I started dropping Daily powers on it, only to be puzzled at how easy it seemed to be to hit. Then a round or so later the real Big Bad made its presence known. But in the two and a half encounters we did today, we didn’t come close to wiping, so go us. Special thanks to my brother Drew for guest-spotting in with a Minotaur Barbarian from Southie and helping to keep us alive.

-At the local store where I got the Essentials books tonight I also hefted/looked at the Castle Ravenloft boardgame. Woof! That’s a hefty box! For those of you who judge games solely based on weight, this is a must-have!  I’ve heard nearly universally good things about it (likening it to both Descent and Betrayal at House on the Hill, which places it firmly in my wheelhouse). Thanks to the wonders of modern technology I was able to see it’s a full $15 less on Amazon than it was in the store, and I don’t actually like that store very much*, so onto the Wishlist it goes. Ditto (including the $15 less) for Green Ronin’s DC Adventures RPG, which is similarly directly marketed at me.

*Anyone wishing to write a screed about how Amazon is killing the Friendly Local Game Store and destroying the hobby/gamer culture as a whole is invited to do so elsewhere.


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