Notes on a Feng Shui Oneshot


I typed these up for another locale and then I thought I might as well post ’em here. This is the sum total of the notes I scribbled on three sheets of paper to run a Feng Shui adventure the other month; it carried us through six hours and two sessions. I’ve added a few explanatory notes in brackets.

Leon Desenge — missing

  • dojo a mess
  • painted front window
  • bullets, flying kicks

[I knew the PCs were all students at Leon’s dojo, and I knew Leon was a retired Transformed Lion. Leon, get it? I also had a really rough map of the two-story strip mall that the dojo was in; it was arranged around a central courtyard, with a falafel joint called Falafel Heaven, a food court, a cheap lawyer named Harry Preston, Esq. that I mentally based on what’s his name from Breaking Bad, a used book store, and an sporting goods store. Cause you can find weapons in a sporting goods store.]

~10 mooks
Guns 7, MA 6

[Yeah, you think your old school renaissance stat blocks are concise? Eat flying fists!]

Lion Thug (Hector Ezkibel)
Bod 7, Chi 5, Mind 5, Ref 7
MA 13, Guns 12
Mark Prey
Chi: 3; Shots 3
MA check vs. Chi, no damage,+1 MA on future attacks vs. enemy
Pounce: X/3 — Chi = meters jumped = damage bonus
Surprise: X/3 — Chi = AV bonus, surprise only

in his pockets: note on MGM Grand stationary

  • visit dojo, look for clues
  • contact Joe Ackle to check Golden Bear
  • do not risk Leon’s life!

[MGM Grand — another lion! Also, J. Ackle, get it? Get it? It was a good clue! My experience is you can never have too many blatant clues. Golden Bear. Heh.]

MGM Grand
The Chairman

  • Four lions
  • 0 bodyguards
  • Family resemblance to Leon — younger, somehow more vital
  • no info available on him
  • MGM security looking out for PCs
    • handoff to special guards
    • penthouse suite

[I lost the penthouse suite in play, but I replaced it with a wicked cool hidden room in the middle of the MGM Grand with a non-tame lion pack in it. I mostly wrote this list down to fix it all in my memory; didn’t refer back to it in play. I did use the Joe Ackle bit that followed, though.]

Joe Ackle

  • J. Ackle Private Investigations
  • narrow face, looks Egyptian
  • off Fremont St.
  • no idea, but will put PCs in touch w/Chairman “The Big Guy” if PCs share MGM connection

Construction Site

Bears (2)
Bod 8, Chi 3, Mind 4, Ref 6
MA 13, Guns 10
Slap C: 1 S: 3
MA check
Outcome = meters hurled; dodge check vs. Action Result or damage

Bod 4 Chi 0 Mnd 7 Ref 8
MA 14, Creature Power 13
Abyssal Spines +4 Damage
Slippery Slope – 13 meters: Agl check vs. 13, miss = fall

[And that was it. I threw in another running fight during a car drive, to start the second session off with a bang, but I mostly ad libbed the combat values and all. That fight was all mooks so it was simple. I also ad libbed one NPC, Mary Oro, real estate agent to the very best. That conversation happened in the Venetian, where I’ve stayed, so that was pretty easy to make up too. Although I don’t know if there’s really a private nightclub like the one I made up.]


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  1. darkman Says:

    are you ever going to finish WIRDG?

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