[Descent] Pixels iactae sunt


Yes yes, I know it’s all Descent and 13th Age all the time here lately. They’re my 2 current obsessions. Give it a week. And this is useful for other games as well, so get off my furry feathered ass. (also, I’m totally stabbing in the dark on the Latin up there.)

ANYWAY, Descent second edition uses different dice than the first edition. Which made me a sad owlbear, because I’d bought a bunch of extra sets if 1e dice. Also, FF isn’t selling extra sets of 2e dice (yet.  If there’s a penny to be sucked out of my pockets, FFG will find a way to do it).
So I poked around online and the folks at the Board Game Geek forum had the answer, at least for a digital replacement.For iThings users, there’s an app called MachDice. Costs a paltry 99 cents and lets you do all manner of traditional polyhedral rollings (d4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20) plus d2 (it turns from dice to coins) and d3 (which are Fate dice). It unfortunately doesn’t seem to handle odd ducks like d14 or d30, so you Labyrinth Lord fans are still out of luck.

But what it does is allow you to make custom dice from either images on your device or from pictures taken. It costs another 99 cents to unlock the custom dice feature but once you’ve paid that it appears to let you customize to your heart’s content.

“But Mister Owlbear sir,” you mewl. “I don’t want to have to take photos of each face of the 6 different Descent dice! That resembles actual effort!” Never fear dear reader. This is where Fantasy Flight perhaps unknowingly came to our aid! Because in their promotional leadup to the release of 2e they posted the unfolded image files for all 6 of the die types. (the Luddites among you who like to feel the actual clatter on the table could, I suppose, just print those onto sticker sheets. Or use them as a guide to carve your own dice from stone or wood or the bones of some wild boar you slew.) Save the images to your phone or pad or pod then select the image from the custom die creator and capture each face onto each face of your custom die. I found it works best if you leave the files in their original orientation instead of rotating it 90 degrees.

Creating the custom dice isn’t terribly intuitive so the cat who made MachDice has a short and very energetic video on his site explaining how to do it. Very cool.

The results are pretty nice:


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