13 Deadly Venoms


It’s been a few weeks since I went on and on about 13th Age

So early in the playtesting there was a Monk class in the core rulebook. There were rules up to about level 5 Rob and Jonathan decided to pull it out because they felt it wasn’t ready for prime time. It will be included in the Kickstartered (and awesomely overfunded) 13 True Ways supplement due out next year.

But here’s the problem: I’m switching my campaign over from 4e to 13th Age, and I have a Monk in the party. Because my characters were about to enter the Epic tier, we converted over at 8th level.  And as I noted above, the draft stuff only went as high as lvl 5, and even that wasn’t complete (it is a beta document after all).

Which meant it was up to me to homebrew some extra stuff. I present it here in case anyone else finds themselves in the same boat, wanting to run an epic tier monk and not willing to wait until 13 True Ways drops to satisfy that itch. It’s not a full-on expansion to bring the class up to full options, but it’s one Epic tier Talent and a 7th level Form, and a handful of feats. It was all I needed for my campaign at present but I may make some other things up later.

Feel free to swipe,  but if you do please add a homebrew talent, feat or form of your own here.

(and no, I won’t post the partial Monk stuff from the earlier playtest.)

Monk Talent: Epic Tier

Run upon the treetops

One battle per day you gain flight. You must end each turn on the ground but can move freely throughout the battlefield without consideration to terrain and gain a +4 bonus defensive bonus against opportunity attacks.
Epic feat: you are immune to opportunity attacks while this talent is active.

7th Level Form

Whisper in the Graveyard


Opening Attack: Sun’s last light lingers
Effect: Make a basic melee attack. If your natural attack roll is even your foe cannot take a move action on its next turn.

Flow Attack: Spirits in the dusk will feed
Melee Attack
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs. AC
Hit: 1d8 per level + Dexterity damage, and any conditions you are suffering are transferred to the target until the end of their next turn.

Finishing Attack: Unseen and hungry
Before making the attack you may teleport as a move action to anywhere on the battlefield.
Melee Attack
Target: One Creature
Hit: 2d6 per level + Strength damage, and you may teleport the target to the location you vacated at the start of the Finishing Move.

Epic Feat:  Conditions transferred by the flow attack are save ends.

Various Assorted Feats

Way of the Seven Weapons

Adventurer Feat:  Increase the # of targets for the Flow attack to 1d4+1.
Champion Feat: You don’t take damage on an even roll on the opening move.
Epic Feat:  Finishing attack also dazes the foe until the end of its next turn.

Hunting Crane

Champion Feat: Secondary damage/miss damage from flow attack applies to all engaged foes.
Epic Feat: The crit range expansion from the opening move is now cumulative.

Tiger In Storm

Champion Feat: When making a flow attack if the 2nd attack hits, make a third attack against another foe.
Epic Feat
: Increase secondary lightning damage from finishing move to 2d6/level.



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