The First Transport Is Away!


Tonight was the first session of the “campaign” I discussed in my last post. It’s a series of 13 one-shots, building up the world for an eventual 13th Age campaign.  Possibly the most ambitious gaming endeavor I’ve ever been a part of.

(obligatory wiki/site is here: The Book of the Long March)

Fortunately I’m not doing this alone.  I have the crew from our previous 4e/13th Age game, and we’ll be rotating through the GM’s chair. Everybody put in games they want to run and we’ve got a vague sense of how this is all going to work. One session for each Age, with the first being the rise of the Dragon Kingdom/Empire and the Dawn of the First Age.

The first system is Sorcerer, specifically the “Sword and” supplement, although there’s more flavor than meat on that particular bone. Each character has been bound to a demon, some by choice and some against their will, and they are part of the forces assembling around the Dragon Tribes to stand against the rising might of the Wizard-King of Oman-Taar. There is no magic in the world in the traditional fantasy game sense; only enslaved demons (whatever they may truly be) and the mysterious power of the Icons (who are much closer to Malazan’s Ascendants in our setting than to the largely more mortal Icons in the default 13th Age setting).  And the line between the two seems kind of blurry to be honest. But the Wizard-King has discovered how to tap the True Mana of the world and shape it to his will. The armies and the powers of the Wizard-King are growing rapidly and while his exact motives are unknown they cannot be good. Action must be taken and soon, before none can stand against him.

This was just the character creation one-shot. Next time we do the one-shot where the PCs take the war to the towers of the Wizard-King, all the while struggling with the dark powers they can only barely contain. Will they save the world only to lose their own humanity?


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2 Responses to “The First Transport Is Away!”

  1. Rob MacD Says:

    This is so crazy and epic what you are doing. My compliments to the chef(s).

  2. Moth Says:

    Good luck!

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