“So, why exactly did it take you six months to update us on your progress in the Long Road game thing,” a hypothetical reader might ask.

This is mostly Bill’s fault. I’ve been sucked into Warmachine. I held out for two or so years but I’m not made of stone.

Starting in February or March or so I jumped in the deep end of the pool, acquiring a pretty solid army via eBay. I’ve only played about ten or so games so far (and lost almost all of them) but the rule system seems pretty solid and I have a good time, although I have nearly zero tactical skill.

The faction I chose is Khador, a pretty thinly veiled analogy for the Soviets. Warmachine has a kind of WW1 steampunk with magic aesthetic and I don’t love a lot of the faction designs but Khador’s imperialist aggressor nature speaks to me.

I’ve spent a lot of the last three months painting and crafting. And buying stuff at craft stores and hardware stores, both places whee I feel completely out of my element. Having spent the past couple of years painting the Descent figs (no, I’m not done with that and oh god I have the Reaper Bones2 kickstarter stuff coming in less than six months) I felt I got my painting skills up to very basic standards. I’ve learned a lot more techniques for painting and modeling form various internet places and tried to apply them where I could. Like my playing skills, I have a long way to go but I’m pretty happy with how things have turned out so far.

I chose a deep red/dark gray color scheme for my army as opposed to the candy apple red of the studio scheme, and decided on a winter/snow theme for the basing. I also decided early on that I needed to have an identity for my army, and that the unit needed a nickname like the Bridgeburners or the Bonehunters or the Wild Cards.  I eventually settled on the 58th Infantry Battalion, colloquially known as the Coldbringers.  That decided I wanted a unit badge to put on the models – something distinctive enough but not too complicated as I was going to be slapping this on the shoulderpads of 30mm models. After an attempt at freehanding the badge I decided to print my own water slide decals. Cutting out these very very tiny things with an xacto is rough going but better than painting it on, and from 3 feet away they don’t look terrible.

So enough jibber jabber. Here’s my Warbarbies (so far)

beast in progress

A work in progress. Beast-09 customized from a Juggernaut. I clearly need to work on my primer upshots a bit more.


Behemoth, a big bad Warjack. He’s stomping over the ruins of a jack from rival nation Cygnar, which is who Bill plays. You can see the unit badge on his upper hull, between his big guns.


Spriggan, another warjack. I painted this one up to look like it had been driven on a New England winter road for a hundred years. An old, reliable and seriously beaten up jack. Need to come up with a name for him. Probably Bob.


Sorscha, one of my Warcasters (magically-empowered individuals who control the Warjacks). This version is “Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff” or Sorscha2.

The unit badge on Sorscha's shoulder.

The unit badge on Sorscha’s shoulder.


The Butcher of Khardov, another of my Warcasters


The Winter Guard Infantry, the rank and file of Khador’s army. You like swarms of things, right?

wg badge

Shoulder unit badge for the Winterguard


Winter Guard Rocketeers. I learned a valuable lesson about pointing bits directly at the camera w/r/t autofocus features with this picture.

wg ua

Winterguard Officer and Standard Bearer. I swear her eyes don’t look that stupid in real life.


Widowmakers, Khador’s sniper unit. This is the unit commander and one of the grunts.


The rest of the Widowmaker unit.


5 Responses to “Warbarbies”

  1. Moth Says:

    You have a lot more patience than I do. : )

  2. Moth Says:

    Now it is time for another update. 🙂

  3. Christopher Tatro Says:

    eh, I’ve kind of given up on this site. Less interest in writing these days. Still been painting though, maybe I’ll throw some pics on fb at some point, although my photography skills are still very weaksauce.

    • Moth Says:

      Maybe the photography piece could be a project for Julian if he has any interest? If he likes doing it it is a skill that may be useful in the future and you could convert this to a site for his photos.

  4. Christopher Tatro Says:

    A fair idea. He was really into photography a few years ago but less so now. I wonder if I could sell it as him helping me. He has vacation next week so maybe we’ll make it a vacation project to take pics of all dad’s warbarbies.

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