Bryant Durrell

Hey, yo.

Like Chris, I am an old school geek. My first roleplaying experience was Tunnels and Trolls, 5th edition, baby. Liz Danforth art, Mike Stackpole writing, and Sorcerer’s Apprentice, the best gaming magazine ever. I didn’t really get heavy into roleplaying (as opposed to reading RPG manuals) till I moved to Iowa, which resulted in plenty of Amber, and California, which resulted in lots of Champions and Feng Shui.

Later in life I moved back to Boston and dove into tons of indie play by way of Unknown Armies. These days I’m mostly playing D&D 4e.

I’ve written for Atlas Games here and there, and White Wolf a bit. One of these days I have to pick up the word processor with intent again. Maybe when I’m a bit less busy.

There is very little pen and paper gaming I won’t try; mostly I find something to enjoy.


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