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June 11, 2014

“So, why exactly did it take you six months to update us on your progress in the Long Road game thing,” a hypothetical reader might ask.

This is mostly Bill’s fault. I’ve been sucked into Warmachine. I held out for two or so years but I’m not made of stone.

Starting in February or March or so I jumped in the deep end of the pool, acquiring a pretty solid army via eBay. I’ve only played about ten or so games so far (and lost almost all of them) but the rule system seems pretty solid and I have a good time, although I have nearly zero tactical skill.

The faction I chose is Khador, a pretty thinly veiled analogy for the Soviets. Warmachine has a kind of WW1 steampunk with magic aesthetic and I don’t love a lot of the faction designs but Khador’s imperialist aggressor nature speaks to me.

I’ve spent a lot of the last three months painting and crafting. And buying stuff at craft stores and hardware stores, both places whee I feel completely out of my element. Having spent the past couple of years painting the Descent figs (no, I’m not done with that and oh god I have the Reaper Bones2 kickstarter stuff coming in less than six months) I felt I got my painting skills up to very basic standards. I’ve learned a lot more techniques for painting and modeling form various internet places and tried to apply them where I could. Like my playing skills, I have a long way to go but I’m pretty happy with how things have turned out so far.

I chose a deep red/dark gray color scheme for my army as opposed to the candy apple red of the studio scheme, and decided on a winter/snow theme for the basing. I also decided early on that I needed to have an identity for my army, and that the unit needed a nickname like the Bridgeburners or the Bonehunters or the Wild Cards.  I eventually settled on the 58th Infantry Battalion, colloquially known as the Coldbringers.  That decided I wanted a unit badge to put on the models – something distinctive enough but not too complicated as I was going to be slapping this on the shoulderpads of 30mm models. After an attempt at freehanding the badge I decided to print my own water slide decals. Cutting out these very very tiny things with an xacto is rough going but better than painting it on, and from 3 feet away they don’t look terrible.

So enough jibber jabber. Here’s my Warbarbies (so far)



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