Christopher Tatro

Okay, here’s where I say who I am and stuff.

I’m a 38 year old geek.  My first run in with RPGs was when I got the old D&D Boxed Set (the one with the blue cover where the dragon is siting on a crapload of gold and 2 “adventurers” are busting in) I think for Christmas 1980. It was a consolation gift from my uncle because my brother had just been born it was thought this would help me pass the time while my folks paid all the attention to him. So yet another thing my brother is to blame for.

I tried my hand at freelance writing for a couple of years and I can say that was an unqualified failure. Maybe I should have tried writing for more than one company, or maybe one that had two freaking clues to rub together.  All in all it really helped me decide I’m a consumer not a producer.

I’ll play anything once, twice if it has a critical hit table.

4 Responses to “Christopher Tatro”

  1. Moth Says:

    You need to tell them more Owlbears! 🙂

  2. Moth Says:

    I purposely chose this venue to contact you in to remind you of this site. 🙂

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