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Open Call: Unknown Armies Submissions

October 6, 2009

Atlas Games is going to publish at least three short Unknown Armies PDFs. That’s exciting! I will buy them all, particularly since this is an experiment. One presumes it’s intended to find out if that sort of publishing is viable.

I note that Atlas also has the rights to Feng Shui and Over the Edge. In my wildly optimistic dreams, the experiment is also intended to test the viability of new PDF releases for those games as well. All three of those games live together on my core gaming bookshelf, and I have very close to the complete publication history of all of them. (I’m missing a couple of the Edgeworks issues; let me know if you’ve got ’em and want to sell ’em.) I would like to see more, please.

Also exciting: Atlas is running an open call for pitches for those three PDFs. 6,000 words, pitches should be one very compelling sentence, follow the link for more details. I am trying to convince certain people that certain campaign frameworks would make a good submission, but he might be too busy being smart or something.

Unknown Armies is the only one of those three lines I haven’t written professionally for, come to think of it. I should get cracking.

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