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I survived the Tomb of Horrors! (Though I didn’t finish, neither did it finish me) Part 1

February 27, 2012

With the upcoming limited edition re-release of the original core AD&D books (check with your LFGS for April – part of the proceeds goes towards the Gygax Memorial Fund), one of our local DMs, Clyde, decided he wanted to revive some old memories and run a bunch of us through the original Tomb of Horrors module.  A recent return to the fold of gaming, Clyde was a gaming child of the 1980’s as I was, but had last played in the AD&D days. Rejoining the D&D world through the Encounters program I was DMing last August, he has since jumped in with both feet, two-fistedly DMing or playing in upwards of six games a week, both 4E Encounters, Lair Assault (he’s become our main DM for that), Gamma World and Pathfinder.  Though he had a full group of 6 players sign up for this weekend’s run through almost immediately, he consented to run a test last week at the local gaming con, KitCon, after I ran the Lair Assault Talon of Umberlee for him to play for a change.



I am a sad DM

June 4, 2009

The Skill challenge thing went off pretty well – my inventive players even figured out how to use a Bluff check to help them in their race to the city before the army of undead got there.

I let them burn a surge to make an Endurance or Athletics check remove a failure, but I didn’t make everybody burn one, largely because the party’s Sorcerer had only 2 surges remaining after last session’s fight. I didn’t  think it would be fair or right to make him use up his last ones, knowing that there may well be a fight after their long chase. So the Warden blew 2 of his many surges and scarcely noticed. Not satisfactory.

What makes me sad is that the undead got to the city in question but there was sufficient advance notice to seal the place up and get everyone inside the 60′ foot high wall. The collection of zombies, ghouls and skeletons were notably missing ranged attacks and for story purposes I couldn’t justify any Rotwing Zombies. So instead they just piled up (there were hundreds of them) until some Lasher Zombies could reach up and start pulling redshirts down off the wall (complete with Wilhelm screams, of course).  I even managed to get a couple of the Lashers up onto the wall itself to go mano-a-mano with the PCs.  Each round that I had one of the PCs grappled I rolled againt their Int (not wasy with a -1 penalty) to see if they’d be smart enough to just hop over the wall, dragging a hapless PC into the 40 foot deep pile of undead. Finally one got the idea and jumped, but the Warden made his save and instead was prone at the very edge, grabbing on for dear life. The other PCs concentrated their fire on the grabbing Lasher and obliterated it that turn.

It was a nicely dramatic scene so I suppose I should be happy. But man, the thought of dragging a character down into a 40 foot pile of zombies just makes my toes tingle!

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