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1st Ed Greyhawk Campaign

April 15, 2012

I expect more folks will be exploring older editions of D&D as the D&D Next speculation builds, and in anticipation of the promised play-testing sometime later this year (or early next).  The re-issue of the original AD&D core books this spring/summer practically calls for it.  So cue the announcement from the local gaming store that a DM has stepped up to run a monthly 1st Edition Greyhawk game.  Now, I am an old fan of the World of Greyhawk – but specifically from the original presentation in 1st Edition AD&D.  I had most of the box sets and modules based in Greyhawk up until the advent of the Greyhawk Wars meta-plot, after which I kind of lost track of events and situations.  So in my mind, Greyhawk will always be stuck in those early days, which means this is an opportunity to revisit the imagined lands of my childhood.  I remember when my best friend in grade school showed off the original Greyhawk maps, and we gleefully recognized names and locations alluded to in some of our favorite modules.  Later, when I got the first World of Greyhawk boxset, it gave actual map coordinates for many of those same adventures, which brought a sense of depth to the world.  All of which leads this campaign idea to be just my sort of thing.


Random Blog Links #5: Greyhawk Grognard

January 22, 2010

I’m on a Greyhawk kick, as is probably obvious. The most interesting blog in this regard has been Joe Bloch’s Greyhawk Grognard. His love of the source material shines through, and his work is deeply informative and useful. Also, his work on a Castle Greyhawk dungeon is awesome and worth downloading.

4e Greyhawk Treasure Parcels

December 26, 2009

Using the DMG2 boon/magic item replacement system. This is for party level 1, and of course should be tailored to the party; I’m just going through the thought exercise.

Greyhawk NPCs, Part 1

December 20, 2009

Robilar, Marshal of the Bright Lands

Just fiddling around for Greyhawk 4e purposes; thought I’d share.

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