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RPGs and Crowdfunding

January 28, 2013

Have many of you gotten involved in crowd funding games on sites such as KickStarter or Indiegogo?

I’ve been late to the game, I think.  I’ve only recently started looking at this (last 6 month or so), but I see that more and more small press and indie games are being funded this way.

From 20th (or 10th, or Xth) anniversary copies of older games, to expansions of more recent games, to variations of the latest indie darling – there is a variety of things being put up for crowd funding.  Given the contraction and consolidation of the game market through the latest recession it seems more and more individuals and companies are using sites such as Kickstarter to not only judge the interest in their product, and fund it, but also to solicit feedback and playtest comments that are then incorporated into the final product.

More musings on 4e and my apparent software/hardware mismatch.

March 19, 2010

I usually don’t read gaming blogs (present company excluded), but a friend on LiveJournal (badlydrawnjeff) linked to a post this morning about 4e combat, I thought it articulated the reasons 4e probably did not click for me the one time I played it, and I thought I could boil that post down into a simple mathematical formula:

A) Powers: “we’re playing a card game now” +

B) Positioning minis: “we’re playing chess now” +

C) Too Many Choices: choices for movement, choices for hitting, choices for encounter/daily/etc powers… it leads to boardgame over-thinking and stagnation =

D) Combat is just too damned long.



Thoughts on InSpectres

September 3, 2009

We had our second session of Howard Hughes’ Men of Action last night, and I am very pleased with the way it’s been going. The system is fast and light and doesn’t get in the way of the gonzo, collaborative storytelling. The modified Franchise mechanics are allowing me to add some rules heft to the game’s non-linear, era-jumping narrative structure. And I’m finally getting the hang of calling for Stress Rolls as opposed to Skill Rolls. The group took some major licks last night, and I think that added to the sense of urgency and paranoia.

And props! Oh, how I love using props in games. I had mission briefing handouts, mp3 recordings of number stations to play for the team, and a cool MacGuffin for them in a biohazard bag.

But most importantly, my players are great. They just run with the premise beat I lay down in the beginning, and riff over it like great improvisational jazz musicians and take the story in wild, wacky, and entertaining directions that keeps everyone on their toes. Everyone gets to bring their own individual geek cred and passions to the table, and weave them into the plot.

I think this game truly captures what Rob MacDougall was talking about a few years back in this post on 20×20 Room:

Too often, though, it’s the GM who does all the research, who strings together all the conspiracies and gets the most jollies out of the elaborate setting. How much more exciting it could be, I wonder, if all the players were in on it, all Googling up connections and conspiracies, jointly spinning out the mad secret history of their game world?

Indeed. Five heads are proving better than one in this game.

I’ll try to get into more specifics later about the game’s story, mechanics, and group dynamics… but unfortunately I do have to get to work. I’ll just close by saying: if only Agent 15 would read the frigging mission briefings, maybe Control wouldn’t always be so irate. 😉

Oh, and a big shout out to Chris, who proved himself to be a Man of a Thousand Voices last night. His Patrick McGoohan was impeccable. 😉

Ruminations on PTA, pt. 1

July 24, 2009

I’ve been gearing up for a possible game: Howard Hughes’ Men of Action. It has been recommended to me that Primetime Adventures would be a good way to go. I know a lot of you reading this love Primetime Adventures, and you’ve run and played in a lot of fun games with it.

But, allow me to steal Rachel Maddow’s bit for a moment: (more…)

Blogging Wheel

May 29, 2009

I’m considering a promotional/publicity stunt for this site that would at the same time rectify a flaw in my gamer cred: Liveblogging reading the Burning Wheel core rules.

I’ve tried reading BW once but other things came up and I didn’t get very far in. Ditto Mouse Guard. Not sure what it was but my attention just kind of drifted away.  I played one game of Burning Empires at Origins in 2008 with Luke Crane himself in the GM chair. Really didn’t care for the scene economy structure of BE but there was definitely something in there. And every time I listen to Sons of Kryos or someone talk about the BW games they’re running/playing they just sound off the hook awesome. I have to be missing out on something there.

So yeah: me, the BW rulebook, and Wordpad.  I’m not going to try marathoning this all in one sitting – the human mind can only take so much. Maybe a chapter or two at a time.

I won’t get a chance to pick up the BW book until Sunday probably, so maybe I’ll start this as a regular feature next week.

The Tyranny of Yes

May 28, 2009

You know what sucks in games? Failing at stuff. You know what else sucks? Being railroaded into doing stuff by a harshly linear adventure/GM and then failing at that stuff. What sucks even more is then trying over and over again as you continue to fail until finally you get the clue you need to move on.

‘Praxis’: an ‘Agon’ home brew variant

May 26, 2009

So, it all started a few weekends ago… I re-read Guy Davis’ amazing comic book, The Marquis, and re-watched Brotherhood of the Wolf in rapid succession. “Self,” I said to myself, “you should run a swashbuckling game of religious Inquisitors and political intrigue.”

And if I could crowbar skyships into the mix as well, all the better.

I didn’t feel like writing up yet another 21 System variant however… I wanted to just pull something off the shelf. The first thing I pulled off the shelf was Dogs in the Vineyard. Seems like a natural fit, no? Reframe the setting from Wild West kinda-Mormonism to a Renaissance/Enlightment kinda-Catholicism & Gnosticism mash-up. In my usual fashion, I designed a character sheet first… here is the character sheet I came up with for Inquisitors in the Vineyard.

But once I started reading and re-reading the DitV rules, something just wasn’t clicking for me. I think a lot of it was just a visceral reaction to the layout of the rulebook and the style of prose… I just wasn’t grokking the rules, and was dreading trying to actually run a session of the game.

Then Chris recommended Agon, and that I blog about the development of the homebrew here on Claw/Claw/Peck. Turns out going with Agon was a great idea… the blogging? I leave that to you to decide. (more…)

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