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A Brief but Compelling Review of i4e

September 29, 2009

There’s a new iPhone app, i4e, which allows you to store D&D 4e character sheets on your iPhone. It is probably not worth your time, regrettably. It does not contain any WotC copyrighted content, which is good, but it does not import Character Builder data files, so you have to enter in everything by hand.

Also, no place to put paragon paths and epic destinies. Tsk. And one of the options for target in powers is “Three Chreatures.” And you can’t specify what class a power belongs to, which matters for (say) cleric healing powers. Not polished.

If it could import data files, and if it could retrieve info from the Compendium to fill out power cards, it would become better. Still not as good as iplay4e, though. Those guys are awesome.

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