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June 6, 2009

No new content of any great significance. Been home with a sick 7-yr-old for 2 days (and of course I’m now getting sick too), so not a lot of Deep Thoughts being had.  Some game-related stuff though:

  • Rolled up a lvl 1 Monk for a D&D 4e oneshot next week. The Monk is out in a limited playtest format currently with only one Tradition/Build available. Some of the stuff I’ve read suggests it doesn’t dish out enough damage compared to other Strikers, but to my eye it’s pretty clear this isn’t a single target striker; this is an AoE damage machine with yes lower damage output but against more targets. The Daily I took includes a Stance that increases the Reach of all melee attacks to 2, and when combined with the Five Storms at-will (close burst 1, 1d6+Dex to all in burst)? Yeah, I’ll take that. Plus the Tradition has a Free Action at-will that lets you slop out your Wis mod in damage (plus a 1 square slide) to anybody else in reach when you hit with your main attack.  Definitely has a heavy dose of Controller in there (I can close my eyes and pretend it’s the elusive  Martial Controller) but I’m looking forward to playing it. Even better, I made a halfling monk, because there’s little better in this world than smacking lots of people around with a tiny badass.
  • Said game is taking place online, via a union (considered “unholy” in 42 states) of MapTool and Skype, so I spent some quality time yesterday watching MapTool instructional videos. I’ve not done any online/virtual gaming before but I think this is going to work out really well. At first I was overwhelmed by the number of options but I soon realized I could just ignore a lot of them since I’m a player and not the DM.  I need to explore macros some more so if anyone knows of any good collections of them anywhere (can you write macros that let you slide opponent tokens, or does the DM have to do that for you?) let me know.  Also, if WotC is going to release their promised virtual tabletop, it had better sing, dance, and deliver buffalo wings to my door to be able to compete with this free tool, I tell you what!
  • Currently re-reading Agon in prep for John’s Inquisition game, and I’m once again really impressed by the simplicity of it. John Harper very neatly avoided the trap of accumulated system clutter, very easy to do when assembling a “Frankenstein game” as he calls it. It’s built largely on a foundation of Savage Worlds but from the couple SW sessions I’ve played I’ve always felt it was a little too tactically detailed for my liking. Agon had every chance of bogging itself down in tactical combat and oaths and glory and fate but deftly avoided those traps.
  • Started playing Guild Wars this week. I’m only up to lvl 3 so I’m not really deep into it yet but so far it’s not blowing my doors off. On the other hand no monthly fee and it’s something lite and easy to play with The Wife. Definitely some stuff in there that works really well (I like the primary/secondary class structure and a lot of the equipment management stuff) and I imagine that when I start playing the follow-up games some stuff will be a little smoother.  I tell you though, the Local chatter in any of the towns is So. Much. Worse. than anything I’ve run into either in WoW or in CoH. If 90% of the game weren’t instanced it would be unbearable.
  • JiffyCon kind of snuck up on me, but it’s just as well I couldn’t have made it anyway.  But there’s been some talk of heading down to DexCon in July which would be awesome.

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