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Review: Raiders Guild Players Guide

June 2, 2009

The Raiders Guild Players Guide is the first product for the Raiders Guild line from Axe Initiative Games. You may know these guys as the people behind Pelgrane Press, which means The Dying Earth RPG and Gumshoe; Axe Initiative was formed to shield Pelgrane from any GSL liability.

Thus, I figured the Raiders Guild line would bring the usual Pelgrane sense of theme to the world of 4e. Both Dying Earth and the Gumshoe lines excel at setting mood, and very different moods to boot. Robin Laws wrote the core systems for each of them, and the Raiders Guild line is branded with his name as well, so there’s another point in Axe Initiative’s favor.

The high concept behind the Guild is pretty simple. There’s a guild which organizes and supports adventurers in their ventures beyond civilization. It’s a rationalization for dungeon delving. To quote: “it acts as a clearinghouse for information and opportunities, lobbies authorities on behalf of the trade, and suppresses the efforts of bandits and thieves.” In a sense, it’s the answer for anyone who wonders how fantasy nations co-exist with hordes of high level adventurers swanning around.

I waited for the first product for like half of forever, by which I mean over a year… yep, the first announcement was back in March of ’08. Product is finally here! It’s $2.99 at RPGNow. I don’t know if there’s a hardcopy edition planned; Axe Initiative is publishing through Goodman Games, who have generic Raiders Guild material listed as summer releases, but who are not advertising this particular product. Well, I have Twitter, I’ll ask people who might know and update if I find out.

Right; on to the product.

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