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[SoTC] Modeling Existing Pulp Characters

October 23, 2009

We’re starting up my Jazz-era LoEG game after a year hiatus, and I’m switching from Adventure! to Spirit of the Century.

I ran my character creation session last time, and it kind of stalled out over picking Aspects and Stunts.  I’ve gotten suggestion and posted for help on, but I thought this might fit as a post here as well.

Given the length of the campaign, I added in several extra ‘novels’ worth of advancements, and ended up with 14 aspects and 7 stunts apiece. The problem is that ‘The Shadow’ complained he couldn’t fit in all the stunts he needed, and after seeing what he was having to cut out, I allowed another Stunt, and threw out a bonus Aspect as well.

But most of the players were having troubles coming up with good aspects for their characters. Several ended up taking the League membership as an aspect, but I’m not sure that was appropriate.

And adding more wasn’t helping. I suggested some quotes or quirks, but we ended the session with incomplete characters, and homework to review our source materials before next time (which should be tonight).

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