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WFRP3 – Movement and Engagement

September 18, 2009

Some new info from FFG about the new Warhammer game and how it will work. In a nutshell, it uses more abstract range bands (as seen in games like SotC, Agon and I believe Savage Worlds) instead of specific grid-based tactical movement ant positioning. They still have little doodads to place your characters on a tabletop in relation to other folks but I can see where those would be much more optional that 4e’s battlemat stuff.  You have 4 ranges: Close, Medium, Long and EXTREME!!!  and an “Engaged” status to determine whether 2 pieces (characters, items, etc) are interacting with each other (presumably there are consequences for breaking away from Engagement).

Neat stuff. I like the way this is trending. As someone with zero tactical sense, the specific token moving and mapping of bursts/blasts/etc. is the part I least like about 4e.

(Of course, there is the requisite bellyaching at and on the FFG boards about how the minis clutter up the table and don’t really add anything and how this is hard and confusing and dumb.  So it goes.)

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